If the thought of visiting the dentist scares you, you are not alone. Almost 75% of Americans have dental anxiety. That fear can cause people to put off dealing with dental issues. Putting off dental work can lead to problems in overall health of the whole body. Please don’t let a bad experience cause you to avoid getting needed dental work performed.

Is There a Solution for Dental Anxiety?

There is a solution for dental anxiety! Oral sedation can be used to help calm the nerves of anxious patients. It helps patients with severe dental anxiety, patients with a sensitive gag reflex, patients who experience difficulty in getting numb for procedures, and people who need multiple procedures done in a limited time.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry uses medications to allow patients with dental anxiety to visit the dentist with less fear. The staff at Knight Dental Care will be happy to explain the process and options with you to help relieve any nervousness you feel.

Before Dr. Knight begins your procedure, a sedative will be administered. You will then start to feel the “drowsy” effects immediately. Because of this, you want to bring a friend or relative with you to your appointment to transport you home. Once the sedation has taken full effect, you will be completely relaxed physically and mentally. Dr. Knight will then perform the necessary procedure. You will be able to communicate with Dr. Knight and his staff during this time but will have little memory of it afterward. A staff member will be watching your vital signs to ensure that you are safe at all times. Once the procedure is finished, the sedation will gradually wear away and by that evening you will be able to return to your normal schedule.