Composite Fillings

Are you embarrassed of your smile because of silver fillings? Composite fillings can give you that natural look back because they are tooth-colored filings. The composite resin is matched to the color of neighboring teeth so no one knows the difference. Some of the advantages of composite fillings over silver or amalgam fillings are…

  • There is no metal or mercury in composite fillings
  • The new composite filling will match your natural teeth unlike silver fillings
  • Composite fillings feel more natural
  • Your tooth structure is strengthened by composite fillings

There are side effects to the traditional silver and amalgam fillings.

  • Metal expands and contracts with temperature change so it can become weakened and crack.
  • If it does crack, mercury will leak and discolor your other teeth.

Having composite fillings avoid the above two problems. Your old silver filling can be replaced in order to avoid any problems before they might happen.

Knight Dental Care would like to help in preserving your natural smile. Call us today to schedule an appointment. We recommend composite fillings to be used to deal with those small cavities but still keep that beautiful smile. Old silver fillings can also be replaced with a new composite filling. Please call us today and allow us to give you that natural smile we all desire to have!