Commitment to Safety

Surgically Clean Air

We are thrilled to have added Surgically Clean Air to our practice. Surgically Clean Air’s purifiers use multi-stage air purifying technologies that work together to clean, purify and re-energize the indoor air. The six (6) stage filtration system captures dust particles, pollen, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), gases, mold, allergens, viruses, odors (like formaldehyde and smoke), bio-aerosols, and many other pollutants that are found in the inside air in workplaces. The negative ion generator makes indoor feel more pure, clean and energized to help combat fatigue. For an air purifier to deliver its benefits throughout the indoor space it needs to move large volumes of air through its filtration system effectively without impacting those people that are closest to it or being too loud.

At Knight Dental Care, we are putting your health and safety first. If you have any questions about the Surgically Clean Air system or the other precautions we are putting in place in our office, feel free to give us a call.