General Dentistry

It is the desire of Dr. Knight and his staff at Knight Dental Care to provide dental care for everyone in your family. In light of the fact that adults and children have different expectations and needs when visiting the dentist, Dr. Knight will use his experience and training to help meet their individual needs. Children just want comfort and respect when coming to the dentist but adults want to be informed and receive the newest technology available.

To help your child become comfortable with sitting in a dentist chair it is best to bring them in soon after their first tooth or their first birthday. This will allow them to build a relationship with Dr. Knight and the staff at Knight Dental Care. Once it is time for your child to have dental work performed he or she will already have built a trust for their dentist. The staff at Knight Dental Care will also help your child attain good dental habits and hygiene while still young.

Having the whole family visit the same dentist can make appointments less intimidating and scary for young children.

Knight Dental Care provides preventive dentistry with the following services:

  • Sealants
  • Professional cleanings
  • Fluoride treatments

Call Knight Dental Care today to set up an appointment for your child to meet Dr. Knight and his staff. This will allow them to start building a friendship that will lay the foundation for good dental habits and limit the fear of dental visits. The staff at Knight Dental Care are dedicated to educating and building relationships with every person in your family.